Winter Slump Challenge

It’s that time of year again… when your New Year’s Resolutions seem to be taking a back seat and you need some motivation. That’s where we come in.

Join us for a 6-week “Winter Slump Challenge” where we will provide you before and after fitness assessments, special small group training, workout tips, nutrition tips, and more.

Fitness Assessments: In this program, you will receive a fitness assessment at the beginning and end of the program, showing you the progress you made (although you will feel so great that you won’t need the numbers to prove it).

Personal Training: Personal Training at Calhoun Beach Athletic Club is all about you: your life, your goals and your interests. Our Personal Trainers set out to help you define and reach your fitness goals. You will get three personal training sessions throughout the program to help you work towards your goals.

Special Small Group Training: We will be offering two specialty classes a week, specifically for the members of this challenge. These will include: nutrition workshops, TRX, boxing, BOSU, and more.

We encourage everyone to participate in our variety of workout classes offered at the club, as well as taking the time to workout on your own.

Healthy Recipes: During this 6-week program, you will be given all the basics you need to know on nutrition. What you should really be filling your plate with, and why each food group matters. Nutrition is so important when trying to attain a healthier body, and you’ll receive all the guidance you need.

Winners: At the end of the challenge, you will have your final fitness assessment and we will award one male and one female for the biggest improvements. These winners will receive one month of membership for free and other prizes to be determined.

The program will run from Saturday February 9th- Saturday March 23rd. The 9th will be the kick-off day, where the program is explained in more detail and you will receive your challenge materials, and do your initial fitness assessment. On the final day, you will have your final fitness assessment and see your progress.

We will be taking registrations until Saturday February 2nd. Please email contact@calhounbeachfitness.com to register. The cost is $199 for members and $249 for non-members – it’s a $750+ value!