The ZONE is an athletic-inspired group training program designed to help you efficiently achieve maximum results. Led by an expert trainer, this revolutionary results-based program uses heart training technology and team-based camaraderie to take your workout to the next level. Experience interactive, fun and effective workouts including cycling, boxing, rowing, partner work and functional training. We’ll engage in highly-varied moves to keep your body guessing using ropes, kettlebells, TRX® Suspension Training and more to help you reach your individual Target Zone. Leave with a tangible, easy-to-interpret workout report, having reached your personal best and gone further together than possible alone.

Train in the Zone. And let everything else go. 

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What To Know:
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before start time.
  • Workouts will hit all of the heart rate zones. Trainings can be modified for all fitness levels. 
  • View the class schedule and sign-up for classes below or on MINDBODY
  • Receive a FREE MyZONE heart rate belt (valued at $150)
  • Questions on how it all works? Check out our The ZONE FAQs

“I have been participating in The ZONE about 3 times a week for over a year and it has far exceeded my expectations. I don’t like large workout classes and prior to The ZONE I mostly worked out on my own. The ZONE’s promise of small arena classes with no more than 6 people per session (often less) and instructors who monitor each participant’s performance and offer specific feedback intrigued me. So I gave it a try, and I’m so glad I did. The small class size allows the trainers to modify an exercise to fit any individual’s personal needs. It also provides a sense of community and friendship among the participants and the trainers. The friendly competition among participants and the monthly goals of the program help to motivate each of us to keep working. As a result I have found that my balance, strength, flexibility and endurance have all improved. Perhaps most impressive is that Mary and Lisa have been amazingly willing to spend time after class, or alter daily routines, to help an individual improve or to overcome an injury or ache. They have suggested exercises, stretches and foam rolling that has vastly improved a chronic lower backache I had for years. Their caring and individual attention makes this a truly valuable experience and an incredible bargain.” -Ron Faber

“I have been using MyZone for almost a year and a half. It is a great way to track and see all of my exercise activity for the month. Knowing your body’s effort level in class is a great benefit. Work smarter not harder, right? I remember 20 years ago you would run yourself into the ground and tried to kill yourself. That was a good workout. Exercise has evolved and we know that is not the best way to get results. MyZone helps with that. I use the belt and app anytime I exercise (lifting or working out) outside of a ZONE class or outside the club too. The challenge to get 1300 meps each month is motivating. I don’t want to lose my status I have worked so hard for (each month you reach 1300 meps you continue to work towards a new level). I find using the belt in class and watching my tile also helps with the mental aspects of taking a class. Takes your mind off the pain. Most of the classes I take are small and it feels like you are getting one on one training. I have definitely noticed an increase in my cardiovascular capacity since starting MyZone.” -Seth