3 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

Posted on: September 17th, 2019 by Allie Voss

Heading off to college can be exciting and intimidating, in many ways. After years of home-cooked meals and being forced to workout at sports practice, it can be really easy to fall out of that routine when you are on your own! Home-cooked meals turn into meals at the cafeteria, and the time that was spent at practice is now spent hanging out with new friends and studying. We know how challenging it can be to stay motivated and stay healthy with this new schedule. We compiled three key ways to make this transition a little bit easier!

  1. Prioritize your sleep: It can be tempting to stay up late with friends and then pound the coffee before your 8am class, which will lead to an even bigger crash in the afternoon. The key is to prioritize at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, so you can tackle the next day and head to the gym in the afternoon instead of heading to your dorm to take a nap. Plus, making healthy food choices can seem impossible when your tired and all your body wants is sugar! 
  2. Have at least one “home-cooked” meal a day: We know you can be very limited when it comes to your dorm room kitchen. A really easy way to make a healthy breakfast or on-the-go lunch is to make overnight oats. Grab a Tupperware container and fill it with oats, nut butter, protein powder, milk of choice, and some dried fruit. Let it sit in your fridge overnight and it’s ready to eat when you wake up! Having fruits and veggies on hand is also helpful if you need a quick snack to bring to class. Just make sure you are getting those nutrients whether it is in your dorm or in the cafeteria!
  3. Make time to move: Maybe you’re not a gym rat, and that’s okay. Find whatever activity brings you joy and fulfillment. Maybe that means joining an intramural sports team, or try taking workout classes with your friends. Maybe that means biking to class and to the grocery store. Whichever way you are able to get moving, do that. Once you’ve found your rhythm, set goals for yourself! Moving for at least 30 minutes a day will help you feel better physically and also mentally! 

There you have it! Three ways to make the transition from home to college a little bit easier. Prioritizing your health can be daunting, but you will always be thankful you did!

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