Benefits of Having a Morning Routine

Posted on: August 20th, 2019 by Allie Voss

When it comes to morning routine, there are two types of people. One who leaves just enough time in the morning to jump out of bed, shower, grab breakfast, and race to work. The other one wakes up and has time to cross a few things off the to-do list before getting ready for work. Now we’re not saying that one is better than the other… but we are saying that having an established morning routine may actually leave you feeling less stressed and more accomplished each day. Here’s a list of reasons as to why you may benefit from a set morning routine:

  1. You’ll be less stressed – If you’re open to the idea of meditation, you may enjoy taking even 10 minutes out of your morning to relax and mentally prepare for the day ahead. Plus, if you’re able to cross a few things off of your list, you’ll head into the rest of your day with a less cluttered mind!
  2. You’ll feel like you have more time in the day – Unless you’re getting up an hour earlier to have this new morning routine, you’ll need to figure out just how many hours your body needs to function at its best. From there, decide what time you need to get to sleep so you can wake up and have time for yourself before you rush off to work. You may end up getting more done in the day when you set aside this time.
  3. You are less likely to forget something – If you’re someone that loves to go by your to-do list at work, maybe try implementing that in the morning. Write out everything you hope to accomplish that day (outside of work tasks) and then dedicate time to do each of those items. For example, if you plan on working out straight from work, pack your gym clothes and put them right by the door. However you can simplify your day and clear your mind – give it a try!
  4. You can get your workout in before the day begins – Depending on how much time you give yourself, having time in the morning to break a sweat is a guaranteed way to start your day off on the right foot. Whether its a walk/run around your neighborhood, a yoga session on the porch, or a trip to the gym before work – making time to move is crucial for your wellbeing.
  5. You’re more likely to be intentional with your healthy eating – We have all heard how important breakfast is. Grabbing a granola bar as you race out the door doesn’t really set up your body for success throughout the day. To avoid the mid-morning crash, be intentional with what you have for breakfast. Some great options are eggs with avocado, a smoothie with protein/greens/fruits/fat, or oatmeal with fruit and nut butter. Any of these options will help keep you full (and better yet, satisfied) until it’s time for lunch.

We may need to do another blog dedicated to your morning routine because the list could go on and on. The best part is that everyone’s routine can look different. Find what works best for you and roll with it! It’ll take some time and some tweaking, but we have a feeling you’ll be loving your mornings in no time!


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