Fun Summer Workout Ideas

Posted on: July 16th, 2019 by Allie Voss

After being cooped up all winter (especially in Minnesota) it’s almost impossible to stay inside with the beautiful summer weather. Which makes the trip to the gym, that much harder. Summer also brings a lot of backyard barbeques and happy hours with friends, and we want to make sure you are getting your sweat on in between all the fun! Here are 10 outdoor summer workout ideas to keep you active and feeling great all summer long!

  1. Go on a bike ride with a friend. Better yet, bike to dinner or that barbeque.
  2. Run around a lake or a trail you haven’t been to yet.
  3. Try an outdoor yoga class, or see if the on-trend “goat yoga” is offered near you.
  4. Run stairs at a local park, or on your deck.
  5. Rent a paddle board or kayak and work on your core and upper body.
  6. Join a sand volleyball league with your friends or coworkers.
  7. Grab a friend for run hills or an outdoor workout, and make it a competition!
  8. If you’re traveling to a place with hills and mountains, hiking is a great way to get those steps in.
  9. Walk around a lake listening to your favorite podcast.
  10. If you’re boating try water skiing or wakeboarding. Water sports make for a fun core and balance workout, you’ll definitely be sore afterwards!

The list could go on and on. Being active and healthy in the summertime doesn’t have to be complicated. Also, you can do all of these workouts with a friend, and sometimes that is the best motivation. To reward yourselves afterward, try out a smoothie or acai bowl place in the cities! 

Let us know if you complete any, or all of these workouts this summer. Enjoy!

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